LinkedIn Paid Ads

Boost Your B2B Marketing Effectiveness
using paid advertising on LinkedIn

More detail

Optimized creation of the advertising campaign on LinkedIn
based on your goals


Brand recognition
Increase your brand awareness through advertising campaigns


Website Visits
Convince more people to visit the site

Follow clicks, social activities and the company page

Video views
Tell people about your product or business history via video


Form Generation
In order to get more leads use forms that already have all the information about LinkedIn members.

Conversions on the website
Provide valuable action on your website, such as gathering leads or downloading e-books.

Candidates for new vacancies
Promote vacancies on your company profile

50$for LinkedIn ads*

і and free setupof the first company

We always strive to do more than our customers expect. Therefore, we give our customers and new ones a free installation and launch of an advertising company on the Linkedin advertising office with an advertising bonus of $ 50.

*This service applies to accounts that have not yet used a promotional code for a new advertising account on Linkedin.

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Types of Advertising on LinkedIn

Sponsored content

Shows native LinkedIn ads on desktop and mobile devices

Dynamic ads

Reach potential customers,
with personalized ads

Video ads

Engage a professional video audience at every step of the customer’s way

Text Ads

Pay for a click and you attract new customers to your business

Direct Message Ads

Send personalized messages to the people who matter most to your business

Job ads

Promote vacancies in your company

What tools do we use for advertising on Linkedin

Сonversion tracking

We measure the true impact of your LinkedIn ads and optimize them to make better. Moreover, our specialists get an idea of ​​what to do next using analytics.

Which people convert your ads?
We gain access to demographic data for a convertible audience – their job titles, companies, industries – and use this information to improve the targeting and content of your campaign.

Website demography

We discover the professional qualities of your website visitors

  1. Add a LinkedIn Insight tag to your website 
  2. Create audiences that we then track
  3. Applying audience understanding to your marketing strategy

Website retargeting

Re-attracting visitors to your website

  1. Add a LinkedIn Insight tag to your website
  2. Create audiences for retargeting
  3. Collect audiences for advertising
  4. Launch advertising on the audience

Form generation

Collect even more high-quality leads from LinkedIn ads using the completed forms.

  1. Add engagement to action into your advertising content or promotional messages
  2. Instantly collect completed and accurate information
  3. Automatically associate members with your offers and content
  4. Based on the generation of potential customers, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  5. Gain access to your leads in Campaign Manager or your preferred third-party tools

Focus on contact or company

Download or integrate your contact lists for future advertising

  1. Download a list of email addresses or a list of companies to target
  2. Wait for audience updates
  3. Set up and run ads

How it works

01 Product

We study the product and the target audience in detail.

We send a brief to the client and based on the result we make an analysis of the audience. After that our specialists analyze other advertising activities that have already been.


02 Traffic system

We build a traffic system based on your marketing funnel using a combination of a site, target audience, types of ads, all actions of creativity and main goals.


03 KPI and Budget

Determine the KPI and budgets of the advertising company.
We allocate budgets to the start, optimization and full work of the company upon reaching the main KPI indicators.

04 Сreatives

We develop selling advertising messages on AIDA
and creative design for ads.


05 Tools

Pixel customization conversion tracking, connecting the LinkedIn Insight tag, customizing form generation, downloading contact lists and updating it.


06 Start

Finally we launch a campaign but before we analyze the main indicators. Our specialists do optimization of reallocating budgets and exclude ineffective ads, groups and companies.


Let Linked Promo
take your business to the next level

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