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We will help you find, identify
and conduct initial communication
with your target audience

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We can help you identify new target audiences that actually make decisions and organize the process of initial communication for acquaintance and further development of business relations.

How it works

The standard scheme that helps to find decision-makers

01 Search for a company on the Internet

02 Company contact search

03 Communication with the secretary

The scheme that helps to find decision-makers via Linkedin

01 Identification of company via Linkedin

02 View company employees

03 Search and access to several decision-makers

DM – person who makes decisions

“Knock on the door several times.
As a result, the door will be open and many people will know about you.”

302 times Walt Disney was denied funding, but thanks to a 303 attempt, the magic world appeared

12 publishers refused to work with Joan Rowling materials, but thanks to the 13th attempt, people saw the book

Howard Schultz was not given a loan 242 times but thanks to a 243 attempt, he got it

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How it works

01 Target audience

We create a target audience card according to the following principles:
Field of activity.
– Position. E.g. President, СEO, Project manager, Sales Manager, Marketing
– Geo-Targeting. E.g. European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia.
– Size of a company. The number of employees who work in the company.
– Seniority level. Unpaid, Training, Entry, Senior, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, Partner, Owner
Other issues: we discuss it individually with the client.

02 Package

Fill out your and company profile.

  • Profile header design
  • Professional achievements
  • Skills
  • Personal achievements
  • Adding a profile with another language
  • Other issues
  • Design of the company profile header
  • Basic information about the company
  • Engagement of employees
  • Creating new vacancies

03 Communication strategy

  • We create a communication funnel that will suit your target audience
  • We synchronize all individual communications with the CRM system and then redistribute them through the stages of the funnel and set the following steps
  • We form a FAQ card – frequently asked questions – answers

04 Launch of the project

  • Analyzes the database of the target audience provided by the customer
  • Creates a database of target audience from Linkedin
  • Carries out search and connection to thematic groups
  • Generates analytical sections in accordance with the effectiveness of interaction with each target audience
  • Manages the account
  • Writes messages to clients from the database
  • Answers questions
  • Creates FAQ card
  • Creates and optimizes communication algorithms
  • Creates additional mailing lists with special offers
  • Checks compliance with account limit rules
  • Makes customer recommendation requests
  • Exports the collected client database to Excel and Google Sheets
  • Transmits an interested client with a correspondence history to your Sales Manager
  • Creates a weekly and monthly report
  • Always in touch with you 🙂
  • Creates thematic posts
  • Publishes posts on the profile
  • Publishes posts in thematic groups
  • Publishes posts on business account

Our packages

Contact us in any convenient way, and we will provide you the best package of services for your business

Includes only Marketer

  • Creating the card of the target audience (TA)
  • Profile packaging
  • Creating a profile with another language (1 Language)
  • Filling out the company’s profile
  • Engagement of employees ( instruction and control)
  • Strategy of communication for each TA
  • Creating a database for each TA plus regional segmentation
  • Making a report every two weeks
  • 50$* for advertising and free setupnew


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Marketer + Personal Manager

  • Includes all services from the «Minimal» package
  • Personal Manager
  • Managing the account
  • Communication with potential customers
  • Creating FAQ card
  • Transferring the Lead to you with message history
  • Providing report for each week
  • Carrying out the search and connection to the theme groups
  • Segmentation of incoming requests
  • Adding subscribers to the company account new


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Marketer + Personal Manager + SMM Manager

  • Includes all from the «Standard» package
  • Additional newsletters with special offer
  • Asking for recommendations from customers
  • Creating thematic posts
  • Publishing posts on a personal profile
  • Publishing posts in thematic groups
  • Publishing posts on business profile
  • Exporting the database to Excel and Google Sheet
  • Analyzes the base of the target audience that the customer provided
  • Additional analysis and expansion of TA


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