LinkedIn & email outbound B2B маркетинг

Complex B2B outreach marketing
to find international clients and partners

“Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising.” – Thomas Babington Macaulay

 Benefits of cross-platform outbound B2B marketing 


Using the best targeting algorithms to find a high-quality target audience

  • Sale Navigator is a paid quality targeting tool on LinkedIn.
  • Crunchbase is one of the largest platforms for finding business information about private and public companies.
  • Database verifications – our own algorithms for verifying and filtering the target audience that have been developed over 5 years.


Creation of triggered and segmented communication chains with target audiences

  • Communication on LinkedIn.
  • Communication via direct e-mail marketing.
  • A/B testing of messages.
  • Segmented and personalized responses.

 Analytics and automatization  

Creation of end-to-end project analytics in a simple and accessible form of funnels

  • Linkedin Insight tag – unique information about your website visitors from the perspective of data from LinkedIn.
  • Google Data Studio is a simple and understandable visualization of your project indicators.
  • ZennoLab is a platform for automatization of business processes for high-quality verification of a LinkedIn base.
  • Integromat is a platform for automatization of business processes of data synchronization and triggers.


Integration of inbound marketing for maximum effect

  • Paid advertising on LinkedIn – increasing the activity of the project by integrating additional channels of activity.
  • Facebook remarketing based on target audience data, as well as using lookalike audience.


Creation of a high-quality and segmented database of prospective clients, customers, partners and leads.

  • Over 100 columns of data in Google Sheets;
  • Formation of various segments according to the specified criteria.



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