General information 

Who we are
Linked Promo is a company that specializes in business promotion and finding new business contacts on LinkedIn — the largest social business network in the world

Help companies to tell about their product or service more effectively to the world by sharing their values ​​with them.

To become the number 1 company in Ukraine, the CIS, and then in the WORLD to promote business on LinkedIn.

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  • Company size:
    2-10 employees

  •  Year founded: 2017

  • Location : 79000 Ukraine, Lviv, Glibova 10

 Results obtained in 2 years 

  • More than 15 000 potential clients
  • More than 6500 communications
  • More than 1000  leads
  • More than 150 clients and partners
  • More than 2000 subscribers to the company page