General information 

International Industry Event Forum in Lviv.

The event brings together leading experts from all over the world and will clarify the pressing issues facing the global event market today.

Industry Industries Forum 2020 is a demonstration that the industry is rapidly moving into the future, knows where and with whom, understands what relationships and what changes are expected from every modern representative.

The human values ​​of quality must take into account the development of the market for events, participants who strive for healthy competition through creativity and high level of service.

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  • Company size:
    11-50 employees

  • Year of foundation: 2018

  • Location: Arena Lviv
    vul. Striyska, 199, Lviv, Lviv 79000, UA

 The results obtained in 2 months 

  • More than 3 500 potential clients
  • More than 1 400 added friends
  • More than 300 communications
  • More than 20 tickets sold
  • More than 250 company followers