General information 

Hi. My name is Vladimir Moskalyuk..
I am the founder and director of Linked Promo..

About the personal brand service, that we provide to our clients, I want to start with myself.

I have been shaping the history of my personal brand on LinkedIn for over 4 years. My initial strategy was to build a personal brand as Marketing Director at GM DesignGroup. As a result, I have over 12,000 target audiences in the exhibition industry in my circles.

My marketing has generated over 200 partners and clients around the world for the company. My publications are gaining from 15,000 views, depending on the topic.

It was an experiment of mine that turned out to be successful.

According to the correct strategy, the owner of the personal brand is the business owners. Therefore, since May 2020, my personal brand has moved towards the Linked Promo project.

According to the GM DesignGroup project, we are creating a personal brand for Roma and Nazar, the owners of this brand.

If you are interested in getting the same results, I invite you to become an ambassador for your brand on the LinkedIn network.