General information 

Decentralized Finance Applications | We develop secure blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized finance domain.
Smart Contracts | With deep expertise in Solidity and other blockchain-compatible programming languages, Pragma designs and implements dApps running on self-executing smart contracts based on Ethereum and other platforms.
Wallets | We provide a wide range of services from consulting to development as well as integration private and business wallets into your financial system.
Blockchain development | Decentralized blockchain networks that are able to store unalterable data, in a safe and secure way.

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  • Company size:
    11-50 employees

  •  Year founded: 2020

  • Location : 8B, вулиця Московська, 8Б, Київ, 02000

 Results obtained in 1 month 

  • More than 500 potential clients
  • More than 100 subscribers to the company page