General information 

XSignal looks at your network infrastructure “through the eyes of a hacker”. XSignal can be used not only by DevOps, DevSec and other technical specialists but also by managers and business owners. The threats in the report are sorted by their danger level and described as non-technically as possible.

  • identify security holes which could be used by hackers to steal your sensitive information
  • gain unauthorised access to your systems
  • cause a general disruption to your business
  •  Website:

  • Company size:
    2-10 employees

  •  Year founded: 2020

  • Location : 919, North Market Street, Suite 950, Delaware, 19801, US

 Results obtained in 3 months 

  • More than 2300 potential clients
  • More than 550 communications carried out
  • More than 20  leads
  • More than 200 subscribers to the company page